Teens Who Drink Alone Seek to Soothe Negative Emotions and are More Likely To Develop Alcohol Problems as Young Adults

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“Most teenagers who drink alcohol do so with their friends in social settings, but a new study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh reveals that a significant number of adolescents consume alcohol while they are alone…Furthermore, solitary teenage drinkers are more likely to develop alcohol use disorders in early adulthood.”

This study was performed by researchers from Carnegie-Mellon University and The University of Pittsburgh who  first surveyed 709 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 and asked them to describe their alcohol use  during the past year. Adolescents were drawn from both clinical treatment programs and the community. Researchers surveyed participants again when they turned 25, and also assessed them for alcohol use disorders. This press release from C-MU notes that “38.8 percent of teens in the sample reported drinking alone during ages 12-18. This behavior was linked to unpleasant emotions, and solitary drinkers were one and a half times more likely to develop alcohol dependence at age 25.”  The researchers concluded that,  “Because adolescent solitary drinking is an early warning sign for alcohol use disorder in young adulthood, and solitary drinking tends to occur in response to negative emotions, youth who report solitary drinking might benefit from interventions that teach more adaptive strategies for coping with negative emotions.”

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