NIDA: Relapse rates for drug addiction are similar to those of other well-characterized chronic illnesses.

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NIDA: “This image compares relapse rates for drug-addicted patients with those suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Relapse is common and similar across these illnesses (as is adherence to medication). Thus, drug addiction should be treated like any other chronic illness, with relapse serving as a trigger for renewed intervention.”

Barbara Wood, Ph.D. :
This is a useful graphic to share with family members and friends of addicted people.  It is understandable that they take relapse personally, but addiction and mental health professionals can help them understand that  there are changes to brain structure and function associated with substance abuse and dependence that make their loved one susceptible to relapse.  Moreover, many  people who develop substance abuse disorders have suffered a number of adverse childhood events and already have trauma-induced changes in some of the precise areas of the  brainffected by psychoactive substances (the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex).  Thus, they are more susceptible to SUDs in the first place.

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