Medical News Today: Just one binge drinking session may harm health

binge drinkingMedical News Today reports that a study by Dr. Gyongyi Szabo and colleagues from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester found that “Drinking just four glasses of wine for women or five glasses for men in 2 hours – the official definition of binge drinking – may do more harm to a person’s health than previously thought”.  (A drink was defined as 5 ounces (142 ml) of wine, 12 ounces (341 ml) of beer, or 1.5 ounces (43 ml) of spirits.)

The damage seen in this study resulted  from bacteria leaking from the gut into the bloodstream and releasing toxins known as endotoxins. This study had a small number of participants (11 men and 14 women were invited to consume alcoholic drinks that raised their blood alcohol to 0.08g/dL within an hour and these subjects submitted blood samples every half hour for 4 hours, then again 24 hours later.)  However, MNT reports that “researchers found signs of rapid increases in endotoxins and evidence of bacterial DNA, indicating the bacteria had moved from the gut to the bloodstream.”  Dr. Szabo said that, “We found that a single alcohol binge can elicit an immune response, potentially impacting the health of an otherwise healthy individual.”

Unsurprisingly, “The female participants showed higher blood alcohol levels and higher levels of circulating endotoxins.”

Read more here:

Just one binge drinking session may harm health – Medical News Today.

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