Medscape on e-Cigs: The most toxic item in your house?

e cigarettes 2

This important Medscape article addresses the “ubiquitous availability (through e-cigarettes) of highly concentrated nicotine products, exposure to which can result in severe toxicity. Dr. Robb Bassett, emergency medicine physician and medical toxicologist  at the Philadelphia Poison Control Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, appears in a brief video and observes that e-cigarettes, which are currently marketed with “cartoon-like labels” and “sweet-smelling…pleasant-tasting flavors like lemonade” are becoming “child-magnets”. As a consequence, “the number of nicotine exposures in children reported to the National Poison Data System in fact tripled from last year to this year.”

Dr. Basset points out that liquid nicotine is being marketed in highly concentrated solutions, that contain in 1.8%, 2.4%, or even 10% nicotine, which are “are orders of magnitude higher than traditional tobacco products.” In the video, he exhibits a 1.8% sample that he obtained at a neighborhood vape shop that could be lethal to a 65-lb child. He says that parents he talks to regularly indicate they had no idea how dangerous these products are.

Read/view more here:

e-Cigs: A Big Threat for the Littlest Kids.

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