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Barbara L. Wood, Ph.D. APA-CPP Alcoholism and Other Substance Use Disorders

Barbara L. Wood, Ph.D. is a Licensed Psychologist and author practicing in Bethesda, Maryland. She specializes in the treatment of addiction and trauma. She is the author of two books about the impact of familial alcoholism. Her first book, Children of Alcoholism:The Struggle for Self and Intimacy in Adult Life, was published in 1987 by New York University Press and is listed in the current New York Review of Books as one of the best books in print. Her second book, Raising Healthy Children in an Alcoholic Home was published by Crossroads/Continuum in 1992 and recently updated and re-released. It is currently available in paperback and electronic form on

SAMHSA To Treatment Community: Heroin Contaminated with Fentanyl Linked to Increase in Deaths

See on – Addictions and Mental Health “Fentanyl is a form of opioid, and when used in combination with heroin, can cause severe injury and even death. There have been 17 deaths linked to the possible use of fentanyl-contaminated heroin in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area alone since January 24, […]